Captivating places to see in Ziro Valley


Ziro Valley was named as the World Heritage Site in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated in the Lower Subansiri district at the height of 1500 feet from the sea level. The region is famous for rice cultivation, and it is situated in the midst of lush green mountains covered by green alpine trees. The huge range of flora and fauna can be found in the region. Ziro Valley experiences cool summers and very cold winter days and nights. It receives heavy snowfall that makes this valley look enchantingly beautiful, and it allure huge numbers of tourists from all over the world. Everything present in the valley makes it look beautiful and it is a retreat for the photographers.


So here we are going to tell you about some of the must see places in the valley:

  • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary: It is spread in the span of 393 sq. kms of land, and it houses huge numbers of wildlife animals. It is the leading tourist attraction in the valley. It houses many endangered animals, and it is also known as the bio diversity zone.
  • Meghna Cave Temple: It is a must visit site in the valley. The ancient cave temple is dated once and it happens to be 5000 years old and it was rediscovered in 1962. The temple offers magnificent view of the valley. Temple is surrounded by the lush green dense forest. Set you camera on the time-lapse mode and record the enchanting beauty and the movement of the clouds over the valley.
  • Ziro Puto: It is a hillock place where the first Indian administrative center was established after the independence from the ruthless rule of British government. It also houses an army cantonment under its boundary.

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Travelling to this region of the country has become easy because of the availability of newly built national highways and helicopter services on the regular basis.

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