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Welcome To The Ninth Wonder Of The World – Visit Nepal

Cotton Thermals for men

Nepal is a place with loads of surprises. Well, some are not aware of the fact that Arniko, the Nepali architecture is the talent behind the traditional design of Chinese pagodas. Kublai Khan, the Chinese Emperor invited architects from Nepal to China to design and build Xanadu palace. Wealth of architectural maturity and designing perfection reflects from the temples and stoopas in Nepal, which still today are considered tough to build. Many of the Nepalese architectures are declared as World Heritage Sites and these are built centuries ago. Visiting these architectural and cultural wonders is a classic experience when you buy cotton thermals for men and wear them during sightseeing tours. It provides excellent warmth and protection from cold.

Cotton Thermals for men

The Ninth Wonder Of The World

Many priceless architectural structures and artifacts in Nepal indeed make it the ninth wonder of the world. Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is one of the wonders in Nepal and millions of Buddhist followers visit Lumbini every year. Recently, United Nations have approved developing World Peace City in Lumbini. Some of the amazing features of Nepal are

  • As per the ancient stories and Ramayana, Nepal is a birthplace of Janaki, the queen of Lord Rama. The place is worshipped by thousands of people. It has historic significance and is a superb attraction for tourists.
  • Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha has immense significance and millions of Hindus and Buddhists from around the world visit Lumbini. It is a holy place with immense pilgrimage values. In addition, it is a cultural as well as educational center. It has been showing the light of knowledge among millions of minions and is a true inspiration.
  • One of the most remarkable things that makes Nepal the ninth wonder of the world is it has lots of festivals, gods, and temples. Well as said in the lighter tone Nepal has same number of houses as temples, same number of gods as people, and same number of festivals as the number of days in a year. Amazing yet true, these temples and gods play a vital role in building a harmonious community. Visiting Nepal therefore, is always amazing and it offers a ubiquitous feel of being in the best place on the earth.
  • The word Ghurkha denotes bravery, courage, and ultimate faith. Nepal is a home of Ghurkhas. The regimen of bravest men from Nepal is acclaimed in the world for its dedication and patronage during various wars. Ghurkhas are born to win.

Nepal has many such avenues that change the way you have been looking at various essentials. Amazing wonders at Nepal offer a mesmerizing experience and help you to relish the essence of cultural and traditional wealth. Nepal, the land of rivers, forests, monuments, endangered birds animals and plants, and the amazing biodiversity has everything you need for tantalizing holidays. Therefore, think Nepal, the ninth wonder of the world when you think of holidaying and you will never be disappointed for whatsoever manner. Nepal indeed has everything for everyone no matter the origin, taste, and lifestyle.

South India Tours

Cotton Thermals for men

Explore the overwhelming, hill stations, beaches, backwaters and appeals of South India that presents a little special for everybody. If the planning is during the winter season, then people should be well protected to fight against winter season by purchasing cotton thermals for men, women and kids.

From the rough attraction of the jungles in Western Ghats to the astonishing network of backwaters in the state of Kerala and the quest sporting actions, the list of stuff to execute on South India Tours is exactly never-ending. The hill stations of South India counting Thekkady and Munnar hit the peak slots of numerous tour itineraries in South India. The globe famed Periyar wild life sanctuary which is the end home of the rare Indian tiger is the vital spots in Thekkady.

Cotton Thermals for men

The specialities of South India Tour

Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Mudumalai National Park are several of the other spots in South India Tour Packages for nature fans. Explore the outstanding fauna and flora in the region, be in the tour of natural world and take pleasure in the laid back attraction of life in these untouched tourists’ destinations that are luckily free from the push marks of group tourist tracks even these days.

The wildlife sanctuaries are refuges of many rare species of reptiles, mammals and amphibians in addition and a journey to these well preserved national parks will allow individuals to know more regarding the native plants and animals aside from the different conservations ways. South India Tours are well recognized for its huge, elaborate temples that were built during the regal rule. Some of the vital temples in South India comprise Thirupathi Balaji temple, Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Sreesailam temple, Rock Fort temple in Thiruchirapilli and Guruvayoor temple. Some of them are delicately crafted monuments and structures that reproduce the rich tradition of the nation. From palaces, forts, Rock cut temple and Jewish synagogues, these structures that have stood the test of time are cultural seals of this grand nation that require to be conserved.

Some more facts

The backwaters that are ruled with credible coconut palms as well as the green paddy pastures and farmland makes it gorgeous like an oil picture in an uprising of shades. A house boat sail is the smart technique to Tours in South India the loveliness of backwaters candid.

There are plenty leisure time deeds on present in these enormous boats that are prepared up in a thrilling Kerala theme. Imprison the loveliness of the setting sun in the camera frames, pearl spot or fish for karimeen take pleasure in a work out along with shoot the dramatic spectacles approximately. South India tours are huge options to look into deep into the past and civilization and offer grand value for the money of the visitors. In case individuals do not discover what they wish to have, they can opt for modified packages and reasonable price alternatives that will improve the fun of their holidays.

See the Unseen – Explore Hidden Monasteries in Ladakh


Buddhist monasteries or cultural and educational centers indeed are a pride of Ladakh. Many of the monasteries are tourist attractions and always are on every itinerary. However, there are certain unseen monasteries and tourism in Ladakh offers a splendid opportunity for a close encounter with these well-preserved secrets of the ancient times. These are a few places, which truly offer a profound insight of Tibetan Buddhism and its influence on everyday life of Ladakhis. The magnificent impact of these cultural centers has a lot to offer and reliable travel agents indeed open these majestic gateways to you.


A sightseeing tour of Ladakh certainly offers far more than you can expect and premium tours like hidden monasteries certainly reveal the intricate details of the Ladakhi Buddhism. However, you need to ascertain that photography is strictly prohibited and never get tempted to click your camera when you should not. Moreover, these monasteries are divine worship places and therefore you must not disrupt the peace and serenity. Unleashing the hidden treasures from the cultural past is magnificent and these specialty tours do offer such privileges to you. However, make sure to discuss your priorities with the tour operator and travel as light as possible.



Exploring the unseen cultural treasure certainly is a charismatic experience for Indian as well as foreign nationals. Monasteries like Takthok Gompa, Chemrey Gompa, Hemis Gompa, Ridzong Gompa, Lamayuru Monastery, and Saboo Gompa are some of the treasures that Ladakh cherishes. In fact, Buddhist Monks reside in these monasteries and educate their disciples on various practices of Buddhism. Visiting unseen Gompas certainly help to rejuvenate the spiritual beliefs and open inner eyes to broaden the scope of visualization. These Gompas certainly are a true source of the cultural heritage you ought not to miss when you are in Ladakh.



Enjoying precious moment in encounter with the Ladakh and its unseen cultural heritage is a unique experience. Moreover, these monasteries are often not on the usual itinerary of tourists and the secluded nature offers the solace you seek. Spending some moments introverting is quite essential and these monasteries offer a platform to delve into your inner mind and rediscover the purpose of one’s life. Best moments spent alone in these secluded monasteries are more promising than you expect.

Ladakh and its secluded and silent monasteries offer a platform to reinvent YOU. It simply offers the magnitude to essentials, shedding off unwanted cobwebs. In fact, your peace of mind is guaranteed when you visit them. Ladakh has many such cherished treasures and make sure to visit them. However, wear cotton thermals men prefer, carry water purification tablets, and get set to meet the most marvelous tradition of Ladakh. Various tours offered to these secluded monasteries indeed are a gateway to explore the century’s old hidden treasures of rich culture and heritage. You deserve to be there, make it a point to add them in your itinerary or you will miss a lifetime opportunity.

All about coats and jackets for harsh winter season


As temperature starts dropping and the arrival of cold winter season is imminent, the numbers of people who start checking out their winter wardrobe start increasing day by day. At such time, you need to make lists about your requirements regarding forthcoming winter. You need to add to your winter wardrobe new clothing to replace old clothing, which is faded or you have outgrown the garment.


The first item you need to check is cotton thermals for men, women and kids as it is one of the most important parts of layering in winter outfit. The other important items you need to purchase is jackets and coats for protecting yourself from chilly air and cold weather. When you visit market or online store, you will find that there is vast range of winter jackets which are available in the market, which includes diversity in colors, fabrics, designs, shapes, textures and sizes. The prices of winter jackets vary as per the material and the style of the jacket. The style of most of the jackets in market depends upon the latest fashion trends, which are popular with the people.



The main advantage of winter jackets is the fact that they can be worn by people from all age groups and both genders. The winter jackets can be categorized in two groups such as formal as well as casual wear. The jackets, which are designed for ladies promote femininity with the latest fashion styles, are popular all over the world. The winter jackets made for kids have playful colors, which are loved by them. The fabric of jacket has printed animals as well as cartoon characters. It is known fact that the styles of jacket change every year as the taste of people changes at regular intervals. But, the fabric with which a garment is made should be able to offer coziness and warmth feeling during the winter season as well as should be stylish and trendy.  The jackets, which are manufactured from leather, are one of the best, but they can get very expensive.


Coats are other essential outwear in cold harsh season when you go out for business or pleasure. The best thing about the various types of coats is that the customers can use coat throughout the year in any type of weather. When you visit market, you may find infinite range in designs, colors, sizes as well as shapes. So that you can mix and match them with various winter outfits or you can also match them with casual clothing such as jeans and slacks. Most of the coats are available with removable liners so that you can remove the liner during the summer season. But, when you are wearing the coat in winter season, you can wear it with lining to offer extra warmth to your body.

When you are going to purchase a coat for winter season, the first criteria should be functionality. You need to remember that you are purchasing the coat primarily to protect your body from harsh winter season.

Buy thermal wear for extra protection from cold this winter

104_thermal wear onine

Everyone wants to stay warm and cosy, when the cold weather approaches. It is the time when you need to equip your wardrobe with new and efficient winter wear that will keep you warm and cosy throughout the season. When it comes to style, no one wants to look like a teddy bear in those heavy sweaters that your grandma knitted for you, but if you wear something lighter, you might not get the equal amount of warmth that the heavy sweaters provide you. If you really want to look thinner still stay warmers, you must buy some nice sets of thermal wear for your winter wardrobe.

Thermal wear is a type of underwear that is worn just next to the body and is worn under different outfits. It can be a life saver when it is extremely cold outside. Thermal wear provides you insulation from cold and traps the heat produced by your body within keeping it warm and cosy.

Thermal wear are mainly made from wool, cotton, fleece or a blend of all three. Many manufacturers prefer to use synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon for making thermal wear because it is cheaper that natural fabrics. When you are buying thermal wear for you or your family, make sure that the fabric used for making thermal wear is safe for your skin and body as synthetic fabrics may cause irritation and some people might have allergies from natural fabrics. You can buy cotton thermals for men who have skin issues with synthetic fibres. If you are not sure of any allergies about your body, it would be better to go with natural fabrics as they are safer.

104_thermal wear onine

Another thing you need to keep in mind while buying thermal wear is that you must buy a set of thermal wear with a perfect fit. If thermals are not fit on your body properly, they will cause problem for you. If you buy a set that is too loose, you might not get proper protection from cold as a loose set of thermal wear would not be able to provide insulation to your body. If you buy a set of thermal wear that is very tight on your body, it may cause suffocation, irritation, even rashes on the body and restriction of movement.

Let us recall the features that you should look for when buying a set of thermal wear for you or your family.

  • It should be light weight.

  • It should have a perfect fit.

  • It should be safe for skin and free from dangerous chemicals.

  • It should be breathable so that it could wick away moisture easily off the body.

  • It should fit in your budget.

For best prices on thermal wear, there is no place better than the online fashion store where you get the widest range of products at a much discounted prices.