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Best cities to live in North India during winters

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Winter has always been known to come down heavily on the people living in North Indian cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Shimla and Jalandhar while people in the westerns and southern cities of India like Bangalore and Mumbai are known to experience modest weather during winters and even during the summers. India houses varied terrains and varied temperature zones throughout the country. It has 6 temperature zones throughout its length and breadth.

While people in southern part of India are planning a trip to north India to enjoy the cold weather and enjoy snow where as people in North India are forced to remain in their house.

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So here we are going to tell you some of the best cities to live in India during winter season:

  • New Delhi: As everyone knows, it is the capital city of India and it happens to be one of the coolest places during winters though many recommend New Delhi to spend their winter vacation because of the lifestyle and the opportunity to make best use of the winter vacation. There are so many places to hang out with your friends and family. You can enjoy the extreme weather conditions roaming around with your cousins or friends. And do not forget to buy pure wool thermals for men online.
  • Kolkata: People here are dependent on air-conditioners during the months of November and December. There is nothing like winter here, people experience summer throughout the year—which is not a good thing either.
  • Bhopal: It is the best place to spend your winters, the amazing atmosphere and the exotic nightlife is going to make you fall in love with the city. The amazing people here are going to make you feel really good about the city. The cool atmosphere helps you in relishing the moments with your friends and families. You are going to grow really happy and content when living in this city.
  • Patna: The city with a new name is the best place to spend your winters. Slight rain and almost no fog treat you with romance. You are going to fall in love with the city and you will start speculating the possibilities of shifting to this amazing city.
  • Shimla: Here you are going to find a lot of snow and amazing fog but you are going to live here because of the soothing sun and the picturesque mornings. You will love spending time here with your family and you will love being here every now and then.

Manage your time this winter like a pro

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Winters have always been known for shorter days and longer nights. During winters, your office hours eat up your whole day and you get no time to manage your home and other responsibilities. Generally, people complain that they turn sluggish during winters, but it is not like that, it happens because of the shorter days. Days are short during winters because of the planetary movement of the earth around the sun. Hence, to increase the number of more bright hours, many countries in the world change their time during winters.

So people don’t worry about your productivity and your responsibilities because today we are going to discuss some of the tips that will make you manage your time better this winter.

Tips to manage your time like a pro:

  • Sleep early and wakeup early: Sleeping habits play an important role in your productivity and your time management. If anyone early really wants to save some time for their family and for other responsibilities other than their official work, then waking up early become compulsory. Early to bed and early to rise is a secret to manage time like a pro. With an extra hour on chilly cold wintery days, you can do wonders with your life. Mens thermal
  • You can practice yoga and meditation that will help you to be physically and mentally fit. Productivity increases with the help of these activities. Rather than practicing yoga, you can also play some sports or you can also prefer jogging and running outside of your house, but don’t forget to insulate yourself properly before you go out of your house.
  • Get your food ordered: If you really need to save time for your other personal work, then stop cooking for an hour to prepare your lunch and get your food ordered wherever you go for your work. Nowadays many mobile applications are leveraging you with the option of online food ordering. So you can eat your favorite dish where ever you go by placing order online that will help you save an extra hour for your personal work.
  • Hire maid for household works: If you are really busy at your workplace and you don’t have time to look out your home, then find a help for your house and hire a maid, who will look after your whole household work.
  • Buy clothes online: Winters demand warm clothes and you need to buy them as early as the winters start. Nowadays you can buy pure wool thermals for men online from various e-commerce websites.