Different types of inner thermal wear


There are many ways to beat the cold. Some people put layers of clothing and look heavy and bulky. This will also restrict the free movement of their body and make them look less attractive by looking huge. The smartest way of dressing during winters is to cover your body with first layer which should be inner thermal wear. It instantly gives warmth to your body. Then you can layer it with your favorite winter outwear. You will not look bulky in fact you will look smart and good. Thermal wear is available for women, men and kids. Thus everyone can enjoy this clothing. They are available in various designs, patterns and sizes. There are different types of thermal wear and each has its own positives and negatives.

winter inner wear

Extreme cold weather thermal wear: This as the name suggests is used at places where it is very cold. It is an excellent choice for you, if you do winter outdoor activities like mountaineering, skiing etc. It is moisture resistant so that if you sweat it will absorb the sweat and keep your body warm. It comes in one piece and gives protection to your whole body. This is very expensive and slightly bulky. It is good only at extreme cold climate. As it comes in one piece it is not easy to take it off if you feel hot. It is durable and easy to maintain.

Performance thermal wear: The main attractive thing about this thermal wear is that it comes in great fit. It is also moisture resistant. It is good to wear if you engage in outdoor winter activities. As it is very fit it will not be comfortable to wear whole day long. This too can be expensive. It comes in two pieces. If you are heading to very cold region then this is not good option for you.

Synthetic and cotton blend: This is good only if the weather is not extreme. Not good at moisture absorbing so that may cause irritation. It can also make you feel cold if you are exposed to chilling climate for a long period of time. It is inexpensive but not suitable for very cold climate.

Woolen thermal wear: Woolen thermal wear will protect you from cold but to wear the wool whole day as thermal inner wear may not be good idea. It may create itchiness and irritation to people who have sensitive skin. If you like wool then it is better to go for merino or smart wool. It gives the warmth of wool but it is very soft and smooth to your skin. It is easy to maintain and are odorless. They are moisture resistant and thus help to retain the heat in your body and will keep it warm.

The options are plenty. You need to choose thermal wear according to you need and purpose.

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