What to pack for Ladakh


Going to behold the breathtaking beauty of Ladakh? You better start off well prepared. Here is a list of essential clothing you should carry for your winter trip to Ladakh, to ensure that you are ready to face, what only a handful of travellers dare to face each year!

You should ideally have a down jacket or parka, which is warm enough to keep you warm in temperature as low as -20 Degree Celsius and a similar styled lower to go with it. If you are not able to find such a warm drape or are uncomfortable in spending that much money, you can get a warm oversized jacket (make sure it is airproof) and wear a warm sweater, sweatshirt and winter inner wear underneath it to keep yourself warm. Thermals are a good option for inner wear. Carry at least one extra sweater with you, so that you can add another layer if the need arises or in case your sweater gets wet.

winter inner wear

You can get your lower custom made according to your requirement from any trekking equipment manufacturer or buy a good quality down feather one. Just make sure that the outer material used to construct the lower is air and water resistant, and has enough filling on the inside to keep you reasonably warm. Below the warm lower, you should wear warm inner from the likes of thermals, jeans or pyjama, depending on how cold you feel.

For shoes, my recommendation would be one that is warm enough for winter in Ladakh and is also perfect for walking over wet or icy surfaces. This again can be found at stores that sell trekking equipment. If you are not comfortable with spending too much money, then at the very least, get army shoes or any other leather shoes which are ankle high. Please do not wear trainers or sandals to Ladakh, if you value your feet and toes!

A pair of warm airproof gloves is a must for a winter trip to Ladakh and you can find an array of quilted gloves made of leather and textile at the majority of camping stores. You can also search online for really warm gloves. You might lose your gloves or they might get wet, whatever the cause it is always better to carry a spare pair.

You might own very fashionable winter hats but Ladakh calls for you to wear a warm monkey cap. It will not only protect your head from cold winds but also keep your ears and neck warm. If you are wearing a monkey cap you can do away with muffler. However, there is no harm in carrying one.

While it is a good idea to carry warm woollen socks, if your shoes are warm enough, you can opt for wearing one or two normal socks.

If you do not want to carry a heavy luggage, you can buy clothes in Ladakh. Warm jackets and lowers are available there easily. You can also shop pashmina shawls.

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